NCAA Tournament Buzzer Beaters – Top 10

What a great list and there are some I remember watching live. I love the NCAA Tournament even every year my bracket gets messed up.


One of the best parts of the tournament format is the do or die nature of every single game. One loss and you are eliminated. This leads to excruciatingly lengthy final minutes of games and unrivaled drama. These buzzer beaters change the fortune of a teams in an instant, and allow anonymous names to etch their mark into NCAA lore. There is nothing quite like the unbridled joy or pained despair the teams on the following list went through.


10. Northwestern State- 2006, First Round vs. Iowa
While most fans know that Northwestern has never made the tournament, the Demons of Northwestern State managed to win a game as a 14 seed.  In a tight game throughout, they found themselves with the ball down two.  After forcing a bad three point shot, the ball bounced out to the corner to Jermaine Wallace, who was forced to launch an even…

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