Oakland Athletics in Japan – March 24: See the Sights

This makes me really jealous. Even though it sucks that the A’s aren’t here to start the season, this is still kind of cool and I wish I was a part of it.

Athletics in Japan: Opening Series 2012

As the team holds an afternoon workout at the Tokyo Dome, many A’s front office and family members head outside Tokyo for a day trip to the south-eastern area of Hakone.


A ropeway travels up a mountain to get a better view.


The Cotroneos pose for a photo at the top of the mountain. The fog behind them is actually steam, a result of volcanic activity.


While waiting for the trek down the mountain, you can play Whack-An-Alligator, similar to Whack-A-Mole.


Down the mountain, people fish in the large lake.


Lunchtime! Squid, fish, or corn are available options at this grill stand.


A closer look at the meal options.


Amanda McCarthy decides to make a purchase…


…and offers 95.7 FM The Game’s Chris Townsend a bite.


The A’s board a boat and Townsend poses with the pirate captain.


Lakeside sights are seen, including this gateway.


The “captain” looks on as…

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