What is your favorite football movie of all time?

I am trying to compile a list of my favorite football movies of all time (like I did for baseball) and I got stuck. I can’t remember all the football movies that I have seen.

I’ve seen most of the popular ones out there but I still need a refresher. One movie I know that has to be on the list is “Remember the Titans”. I remember seeing that movie when I was a freshman in high school and I didn’t even really care about the actual football part of it.

What Disney does really well with their sports movie is show us that there is a bigger story other than the game itself. This movie about the struggle of racism between black and white ended up being one of the greatest stories ever told on film. The scene above is probably the one movie scene that I always watch and never leave without a tear in my eye.

Another one that probably would be on the top of everyone’s list is “Friday Night Lights”. Once again, the actual games played in the movie never really stood out to me but the actual message of bonding between teammates is what makes this movie so great.

That scene alone makes the movie so awesome. The bond that grows between men on a football team is a bond that can never be taken away.

So what are the great football movies out there? The only other one that sticks out is “Rudy“.

This list will be tough for me to put together.

19 thoughts on “What is your favorite football movie of all time?

  1. In no particular order:
    Friday Night Lights
    Jerry Maguire
    The Longest Yard
    Brian’s Song
    North Dallas Forty
    Heaven Can Wait (Warren Beatty version)
    Jim Thorpe All American
    Knute Rockne All American
    The Miami Dolphins 1972 NFL Films Season Review (Undefeated that year)

  2. The Replacements!!!!!!! A 2000 movie with Gene Hackman. Never meant to be a serious movie but I never get tired of it! GO GET ME THAT BALL DANY!

  3. I’m a 9ER fan. But THE LITTLE GIANTS is one of the best football movies ever.
    Giant giants giants “helps us god”

  4. The Program!! Got to see the original version after my high school game the night it came out. Took out the street scene right after.

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