Nike’s takeover of the NFL shouldn’t seriously affect Jim Harbaugh’s wardrobe

In his final season at Stanford (a Nike school), Harbaugh was already wearing his version of a black sweater.

On April 1st, Nike will become the official outfitter of the NFL and all previous products, uniforms created by Reebok will no longer be in use. The change in supplier means that every aspect of the team will be made by Nike. From uniforms to shirts, Nike will be the outfitter.

There has been buzz as to what the Nike takeover will do to the uniforms but there is one thing that will see very little change on the 49ers’ sideline — Jim Harbaugh’s infamous black sweater.

Despite the change from Reebok to Nike, Harbaugh actually already has a history wearing a Nike black sweater. In his final year at Stanford (a Nike school), Harbaugh donned Nike’s version of a black sweater and black cap. Much like the Reebok sweater Harbaugh wore this past year, it’s all black and features a simple team logo.

So with that in mind, it’s very likely that Nike will produce something similar to what Harbaugh wore at Stanford. Harbaugh, who has at least five of the same black sweaters from this past year, will just go from Reebok’s simple black sweater to Nike’s simple black sweater.

The only real change might be to his cap. New Era is producing caps for teams this year and it’s unknown at this point whether or not they are going with simple designs or something more complicated. I know for a fact Harbaugh won’t look good in this.

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