Photo of new Jaguars Nike uniforms leaked and my two cents on it

This was tweeted earlier today. And if you have trouble seeing it, here’s the actual image of the new Jaguars Nike uniforms.

Click the photo to enlarge.

It was reported earlier that the Jaguars would add black in 2013 but it looks like it will make its return for this upcoming season. It’s a little plain but we’ll see how it looks live. There are a few things to notice in this photo.

The first thing you see are the two jerseys on the far left. Those will be the practice jerseys. It looks like it has some serious side piping down the side. I really don’t care too much for practice jerseys but I usually like them to be one solid uniform color instead of a two-tone.

Nike had said that they wanted to just adjust the template and fabric of the jerseys that weren’t going through a design change. It looks like the seem for the side piping is getting a slight readjustment and it looks a lot better already.

The Nike logo on the sleeve actually looks really good. It’s one color and since the Jaguars don’t have a sleeve logo, it fits well.

One thing that you may notice is the collar. The Jaguars had the “U” shaped collar that meant that the NFL Equipment logo had to be placed beneath it. Looking at these photos, it looks like Nike is doing a slight readjustment but still keeping it as similar as possible. And you may notice that the NFL Equipment logo has been replaced by the shield logo.

Overall, it’s not a lot of change and in fact, unless you’re picky like me, you won’t really notice it on the field. Nike officially takes over on April 1 with the uniform unveiling set for April 3. But expect more leaks to come out within the next few days. So far it looks like it’s a pretty tame transition and I’m good with that.

2 thoughts on “Photo of new Jaguars Nike uniforms leaked and my two cents on it

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