Nike has already made some mistakes with their new NFL merchandise

Patrick Willis apparently has changed his number and will challenge Frank Gore for the starting running back spot.

When the clock struck midnight and it was officially April 1, I immediately ventured over to the NFL online shop to see what new merchandise Nike had in store. For the most part, the products they released weren’t too flashy but I think it was an improvement over Reebok.

It was also nice that they offered some player tees, which gave us a look into what potentially the new team jerseys would look like. There wasn’t anything worth noting but Nike did have some very serious mistakes on several items.

As you can see by the above photo, the Patrick Willis shirsey (shirt jersey) has the wrong number. Instead of #52, Willis has #25. Tarell Brown must have given Willis the OK to take his number and Frank Gore must be OK with Willis trying out at running back.

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