Nike already working on trying to add throwbacks and alternates for NFL teams

It looks like throwback uniforms are coming to an NFL team near you. According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, Nike is “working on” trying to see if any teams are interested in either throwbacks or new alternate jerseys.

After a very successful (in my opinion) unveiling ceremony, this might be a great opportunity for teams to see what Nike can do for their team. Of course, some teams with rich history like the Chiefs, Packers won’t go the alternate route. But they could easily go back to throwback uniforms. They’ve done it recently and could very well go for it again.

One team that is already working on an alternate this year are the Jaguars. But in 2013, plans are for a complete overhaul so who knows?

But if I was in charge of the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to go throwback or alternate, I’d go in this direction. Here are my top three choices.

This is a very popular uniform amongst the 49ers fans.

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Breaking down the new Nike uniforms unveiled for all 32 NFL teams

Welcome to the new era of NFL football.

The event has come and gone. The unveiling of the new Nike uniforms for all 32 teams went by this morning in New York and in my opinion, I am very pleased with most of what I saw from Nike. There had been some worries as to what major changes the company will do to some uniforms but overall, there weren’t any major surprises.

(Jerseys will be available to pre-order on April 15 at 12:01AM ET. It will take a couple weeks for them arrive.)

Prior to the event, there were some things that we all knew were going to happen. The Seahawks would get a new set, the Panthers would get a new logo, the Broncos are switching to orange as their primary and all teams would have a slogan on their inside collar. Other than that, Nike did a real good job in keeping things a secret.

(The Nike swoosh is reversed on the right sleeve because Nike wants the swoosh to be moving forward. Also, the Panthers are only team I’ve seen with slogan on collar — theirs is dedicated to Sam Mills.)

But now with everything out in the open (and me being a nutty uniform geek), here’s a breakdown of every team’s new uniform set — now known as Elite 51. Here’s a link to every detail about the new technology.

** Anything in bold is a link to photo images of the uniform.

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