Breaking down the new Nike uniforms unveiled for all 32 NFL teams

Welcome to the new era of NFL football.

The event has come and gone. The unveiling of the new Nike uniforms for all 32 teams went by this morning in New York and in my opinion, I am very pleased with most of what I saw from Nike. There had been some worries as to what major changes the company will do to some uniforms but overall, there weren’t any major surprises.

(Jerseys will be available to pre-order on April 15 at 12:01AM ET. It will take a couple weeks for them arrive.)

Prior to the event, there were some things that we all knew were going to happen. The Seahawks would get a new set, the Panthers would get a new logo, the Broncos are switching to orange as their primary and all teams would have a slogan on their inside collar. Other than that, Nike did a real good job in keeping things a secret.

(The Nike swoosh is reversed on the right sleeve because Nike wants the swoosh to be moving forward. Also, the Panthers are only team I’ve seen with slogan on collar — theirs is dedicated to Sam Mills.)

But now with everything out in the open (and me being a nutty uniform geek), here’s a breakdown of every team’s new uniform set — now known as Elite 51. Here’s a link to every detail about the new technology.

** Anything in bold is a link to photo images of the uniform.

We have to start off with the newest set: the Seattle Seahawks.

The team now have three new jerseys (blue, white, gray) along with the same colored pants. You can imagine the combinations that the team can come up with.

What’s really unique about this set isn’t the shoulder design but it’s actually the pants piping. Each symbol is supposed to be a set of wings. There are 12 of them for the 12th Man.

I honestly think that their uniform may not be all that great, but in terms of modernizing a set, I think Nike did a really good job on this. The helmet is something, however, I might need to get used to.


Nike has released a photo gallery for each NFL team on their Facebook page. I’ll link to each one of them and comment on them.


There isn’t really too much change in their set. I am glad that their collar looks a lot more cleaner. But since these images are of the home uniforms, I wonder why these photos are of them in their road pants. Is it a permanent switch?


This one went through very little change. In fact, everything is the same with this one compared to their old set except for one thing: the flywire collar. No longer will the entire collar be black, but only the back end of it. This isn’t the only team to make such a change.


Their uniform set also went through minimal changes. The shoulder stripes could potentially be more visible now with this new set. Unfortunately, the Redskins (like all other teams) will have to deal with their belt buckle interfering with their pants stripe. But nothing else seems to have changed, so good job on that.


So maybe the black pants are their primary home pants? Also, the Saints are also a victim of the flywire collar interfering with their collar. Now it’s only half gold and I think that’s a mistake.


The Steelers have always had an issue with their large sleeve design. With the shrinking of NFL sleeves, their full design has been tough to find on some linemen. Nike’s solution hopefully prevents it from disappearing. Remember, Nike was the outfitter for the Steelers back in the 90s and they were the one that brought the team the italicized numerals. Also, are the helmets now matte?


I might be the most disappointed with this set. Could the collar be any bigger? Poor Andre Johnson. Other than that, everything else looks to be the same.


Because the Titans have shoulder yokes, they avoid a potential mess with the new flywire collar. But looking at the back, the yoke curves into the neck. With the way the cuts are designed, it was something that appear unavoidable.


Because the Vikings already had this very unique collar style, Nike just simply gave them the half collar with their flywire. One thing I do wonder is that since the Vikings like to go white on white, will they now wear purple pants on the road more often to give some kind of piping consistency?


The team dodged a bullet here and nothing really is severely changed. The only complaints I have heard so far pertain to the sleeve stripes disappearing.


I really Nike would take this opportunity to give the shoulder stripes a little more length. Instead, they look shorter. But other than that, it still looks like the classic Jets uniform and I am OK with that.


There had been rumors that the Pack would get a massive overhaul to their classic uniform. But apparently, they are the team that actually went through no change. The photo gallery doesn’t show much, but you can tell by this photo that the team doesn’t have the flywire collar and the sleeves are the same. This photo shows that the Packers told Nike not to make any changes.


The Bears also kept everything the same. But one thing you might notice is that the sleeve stripes has now moved from this to this. The classic TV numbers no longer reside on the sleeve due to the cut of the jersey. Now the numbers sit on top of the shoulder. The Bears aren’t the only team to make this move.


I don’t notice any significant changes to this team. Their collar avoids the flywire shift and overall, it looks fine. The numbers might be a little fatter but it’s one of those things where I have to see it on the field first. It looks like that the Patriots, Eagles, Falcons, Raiders and Packers are the only teams without the new cuts.


One of the most basic uniform sets remain that way. Nothing looks new to me.


The Dolphins also don’t appear to have any major changes that are noticeable. I am more intrigued as to what their white uniforms look like since their sleeve stripes are different on the road.


The Bills now have a flywire half collar and their hip logo is lowered due to the new belt. The sleeve stripes look more parallel than what it did last year. Improvement I would say.


They came out in their all black look. Does that mean that’s their new primary home outfit? The jersey gets the half collar but the question is mainly about the white jersey. How will the orange shoulder yoke fit into this new cut? For a very complicated uniform, Nike did well on the home version.


There’s not a lot of pictures in the gallery but from photos on Twitter, nothing looks too much different. The shade of green might be a little darker though but it doesn’t appear that the Eagles got the Nike cut treatment.


The Falcons avoid the half-collar and everything else looks the same. The Falcons have a little more complicated of a uniform but Nike handled their sleeves pretty well since the team told them not to use the new design and cut pattern.


The Jaguars are rumored to get a big overhaul next season and might even wear black jerseys this year. But for now, they were able to fix their jersey piping and get everything looking a lot more professional. One thing I did notice is that helmet appears to be a matte finish versus the two-tone color helmet they’d been wearing. Teal appears to be the team’s primary home jersey  for this season.


Because of the fabric used for the pants, teams like the Lions that feature a shinier pants set now have them dulled down. It’s a shame since I always associate silver with the Lions but they don’t have silver pants anymore.


The only change the Panthers made to their uniform is a new logo. Everything else remains the same. I am glad the uniforms aren’t changing. It’s a modern classic and it should stay that way for some time.


From what I hear, the Raiders have always been manufactured by a company and they just put the logo of the legal sponsor on the uniform. I am not sure if that’s true or not but at least the Raiders’ uniforms remain unchanged. (The Raiders have silver pants in that photo, so why can’t the Lions have them too?)


Looks like the Rams have slimmed down their shoulder stripe and officially made white their home pants. With the half-collar, the team goes through a few subtle changes but still looks like the Rams we know.


The only change, and it’s a big one, is that the TV numbers are now on the shoulder and the sleeve stripes are bigger. Major upgrade in my opinion.


Other than the expected half-collar, nothing else looks different. I had been curious about how the shoulder lightning bolts would fit in but Nike apparently found a way to make it fit the new cut.


Last year, the Cardinals went all red a few times and it appears that might be their new primary home set. The new flywire eliminates the continuation of the black line. Nothing else appears to have had significant change but seeing blood red a lot more often from the Cardinals is a big change.


It’s strange that even though these promo photos feature the white pants, the unveiling featured the pewter ones. Which one is the primary set now? The Bucs get the half-collar but that’s the only major change to the set.


The half-collar is a little surprise but not unexpected. It’s still tough to take in the fact that the piping gets interrupted by the belt loop.


Like the Jets, I thought that they would fix the shoulder stripe. Instead, it’s smaller. But other than that, it’s still the classic Colts look and I accept it.


EDIT: I missed the Cowboys initially. Here’s my take. On sight, it looks just like their uniform of old and I think that’s the best way to approach it. (Although looking at the sleeve stripes, Tony Romo will have to get his trimmed down.) However, the Cowboys still feature the most confusing uniform set in football and Nike did nothing to change it. And for those wondering what the blue tops look like, take a gander here.


What are your thoughts on these new uniforms? I think for the most part, I’ll give Nike a B-plus for today’s show. Nothing too drastic and I think that’s what made it good.

(Let me know if some of the links are wrong.)

6 thoughts on “Breaking down the new Nike uniforms unveiled for all 32 NFL teams

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  2. Great review, Sam! Overall I like what Nike has brought to the NFL. I give them a solid-B.

    Most impressive overall: Seattle – Great modern look.

    Most interesting change: Matte helmets look awesome!

    Greatest improvement: Chicago & Buffalo – I like what they’ve done with their sleeve stripes.

    Most disappointing: San Fran – It’s probably because I’m a fanatic. Back in 2009, I liked the idea of “bringing back” the classic look. But as the years have gone by the sleeve stripes have been disappearing … take a look at our linemen’s uniforms. I think it’s time for the team to bring ALL THREE stripes back! Let’s give our uniforms an updated /modern look by moving the sleeve stripes up like the Bears did this year.

    • I think we’ll need to see the helmets a little more. Most of them look like matte but I am not sure if it was just the lighting of the photos.

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