Nike already working on trying to add throwbacks and alternates for NFL teams

It looks like throwback uniforms are coming to an NFL team near you. According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, Nike is “working on” trying to see if any teams are interested in either throwbacks or new alternate jerseys.

After a very successful (in my opinion) unveiling ceremony, this might be a great opportunity for teams to see what Nike can do for their team. Of course, some teams with rich history like the Chiefs, Packers won’t go the alternate route. But they could easily go back to throwback uniforms. They’ve done it recently and could very well go for it again.

One team that is already working on an alternate this year are the Jaguars. But in 2013, plans are for a complete overhaul so who knows?

But if I was in charge of the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to go throwback or alternate, I’d go in this direction. Here are my top three choices.

This is a very popular uniform amongst the 49ers fans.

These 1994 throwback uniforms have a lot of great memories for 49ers fans. This was worn during the league’s 75th anniversary and it was worn for the team’s last Super Bowl win. With a beautiful dropshadow and white pants, it’s a different enough look from their current set that it works well for a throwback.

I would imagine that Nike wouldn’t have too much of a problem reproducing this and possibly in two years when the team celebrates its 20th anniversary of that season, it’d be a perfect throwback to go to.

49ers in black?

Nike loves going black with their uniforms. Teams like the Cardinals and Eagles, who have no business wearing black jerseys, have done so in the past. The 49ers have had black as their alternate color when it comes to merchandising and even the head coach wears black often.

If the 49ers go alternate, I don’t see a gold top. I think black would be something that might be a better option. I don’t know if the 49ers would ever entertain it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it.

Not many people remember that the 49ers actually had silver helmets. I might think that this could be a real great throwback for the 49ers. It’s a nice history lesson and it really honors the great players of the days of the past.

Normally when the memories of the 49ers are talked about, it’s just about the 1980s and the five Super Bowls.

The great teams of the earlier years with players like Y.A. Tittle are never talked about enough and I think that if the 49ers want to really honor some great history with a throwback, how about a throwback uniform to their earliest best years?


** The uniform from the 1980s won’t work for a throwback because the current set is modeled after it. Also, the set from the Jeff Garcia days won’t work either because it was last seen in 2008 and that’s too soon for a throwback.

I honestly think the 49ers won’t go with an alternate. They’ve never had one in their history. They’ve done throwbacks and that is the direction I think they’ll go with. If they do go throwbacks, I think the 1994 throwbacks might be their best option.

What do you guys think? What would you choose?

12 thoughts on “Nike already working on trying to add throwbacks and alternates for NFL teams

  1. Oh god please not the black alts. I hate when teams just throw in black unis because they think it’s “cool” when it’s terrible. Let idiotic teams like the Eagles randomly wear black for no reason.

  2. Oh god please not the black alts. I hate when teams just randomly wears black because they think it’s “cool”. Let idiotic teams like the Eagles wear black for no reason, let the Niners stick to Red and Gold.

  3. This is the best option:

    ^ Combine all the best features of the 1940s’ to early 60’s 49ers unis for the throwback/alternate and have occasional games where striped socks are worn with the current uniform to honor the 80’s

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