So can MLB make up their mind and tell me when is Opening Day?

Opening Day was last week...

Wait a minute. Wasn’t last week Opening Day? The A’s and Mariners played the first regular season games in Japan so that must be it, right?

No? You mean today is Opening Day? The one-game series in Miami between the Marlins and Cardinals? I’m confused.

So what does that make Friday? Most teams are playing that day. That’s Opening Day?

I know MLB is really doing its best to expand and try to make their games primetime or whatever, but Opening Day is a tradition in baseball and it should remain as simple as possible. Opening Day (not Opening Weekend, or Opening Night) to me should be on a Monday day game for all teams.

I know TV ratings and revenue play into it, but I really don’t like how different teams are opening their season at different dates and in different countries. Can we get it right?

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Is it necessary to sing the National Anthem before every sporting event?

That was from Monday and from the responses on the Internet, people hated it. Butchering the National Anthem like that doesn’t sit well with people and I understand that.

But that takes me to another point: is it even necessary to even sing the National Anthem?

I understand why we do it. We celebrate the great opportunities and freedoms that this country gives us (like sports) and by singing the National Anthem, we bring forth the greatness of our country.

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