That Sharks-Kings battle was the game of the year

If you missed today’s game, you missed out on a great hockey battle. I normally don’t write much about hockey but it is actually my second favorite sport to watch. And this battle had everything you wanted in a great, exciting hockey game.

The rivalry between these two teams is so intense that every time these two meet, it’s going to be great. This time, the Sharks are trying to catch up to the Kings to win the Pacific division and I was just so amazed at the grittiness that the Sharks displayed on the ice.

Throughout the season, especially last month, the Sharks didn’t look all that great. They were not in sync and they were losing to lesser teams. But with desperation in their eyes, they’ve won six of their last eight games and capped off this streak with an amazing win over the Kings.

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My initial thoughts on the speech Gregg Williams gave about injuring the 49ers

The above is the audio [NSFW]. Here is my story on it.

I wouldn’t say I am too surprised at any of this. In fact, it’s actually very commonplace. Coaches are known to give speeches prior to big games and a good portion of them go into detail on how they want to hurt the opposition.

That’s the nature of football. The goal is to beat the other team and if there’s an opportunity to hurt them within the rules, it’s praised. That’s what Williams is trying to do. I don’t know if he was telling the team to only hurt people, but he wanted them to hurt and win.

The hardest thing to swallow with this piece of news is that Williams’ history. He had run the bounty program for the past three years and was already told to stop it. Yet from this new information, he continued it.

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The Marlins’ new bobblehead museum is their coolest feature of the new ballpark

OK, we all know that the new Miami Marlins ballpark has an aquarium, a retractable roof and that funny looking home run statue. But after seeing the above video, I have come to the conclusion that their bobblehead museum is their best feature.

The display has 588 total bobbleheads and the case moves every so slightly so all the bobbleheads actually bobble. I am watching this video and I recognize about 10 bobbleheads that I own myself.

As a bobblehead guy, this just makes Marlins Park one of the must visits for me. I mean, how cool is that?