Opening Day (Part 2) last night was simply fantastic

The entrance to my summer home.

Aside from the final score, everything that led up to Opening Day for me was a blast. Since I am a huge Oakland A’s fan, returning to the Coliseum to me was something that I always looked forward to. Even though the stadium is a dump, I have spent a lot of my life at this ballpark and there was no other place I rather be.

I got there a little before 6PM and fans were already filing into the stadium. I walked through the parking lot and just absorbed the scent of all the tailgaters. And just standing outside the stadium, I knew that I was where I belonged.

One the things that I love to do is just to walk around and observe things. It’s always nice to see what new things have been added to the place and just the reaction of people coming in and seeing baseball for the first time this year.

Welcome back to the Coliseum.

New recycling bins.

It’s the little things like the new recycling bins or the fact that all the workers are wearing the old BP caps from three years ago that excite me. It’s all different but to me it’s all baseball.

There were changes to the design of the concession stand menus and walking around, I can see that they’re at least trying to make the Coliseum a little more presentable. I would hope that soon enough the team can get a new stadium it deserves.

But it’s all about the excitement about the game and that’s exactly what I had watching everything. The new team stores had a few new items and I really just enjoyed the fact that baseball was back in my backyard.

Obviously when I come to the Coliseum, it’s all about the food. I know they don’t have fancy food like they have at that other ballpark, but nothing beats some classic ballpark food.

Great burger and it cost me nothing.

I ordered their cheeseburger (which I always end up doing it seems) and it was fantastic. The fact that I bought value deck tickets for the game meant that I get a $6 voucher for food and merchandise. So basically, the burger was free.

I got to walk around a little more before it was time to settle into my seat and watch the game. There really isn’t a bad seat at the Coliseum (unlike that other ballpark). Every seat allows me to see the entire field. It’s not a great park, but the views are spectacular.

Getting settled into my seat, I just loved the fireworks, the whole atmosphere of it all.

And once the National Anthem goes and the players are all lined up, that’s when I know that baseball is back and I’m home.

Welcome back home.

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