Oakland Coliseum goes through another naming rights issue

What are we calling this place?

Apparently they’re calling it the O.co Coliseum only three times per broadcast. From the Mercury News, due to a disagreement, the stadium now is being referred to as the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum once again. The O.co name is still there, but it really isn’t there.

This is another sad chapter in the life for the Oakland A’s. They scrap to find sponsors for their stadium and when they do, they can’t even find any solution to their problems.

Of course, if they are allowed to move to San Jose, the entire thing wouldn’t be an issue. Instead, they are just getting by barely with this old ballpark without any solution in sight. The Coliseum, as I will always call it, can’t be the home of the A’s for much longer. The team deserves better.

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