MLB Throwback and One-Off Schedule: 2012

For those of you who are uniform nuts like me and want to see the throwbacks that will be worn in baseball this year, check this out.

The Logo Asylum

PCL Throwbacks, Negro League Throwbacks, 1912 Throwbacks, Camouflage jerseys, Italian scripts… the MLB this summer should certainly be interesting, if nothing else.

ASTROS – As previously mentioned right here, they will be wearing throwbacks all year long to celebrate their 50th anniversary as a franchise. The dates are…
Colt ’45’s: April 10 vs. Atlanta, April 20 vs. Los Angeles
Shooting Stars: May 4 vs. St. Louis, May 18 vs. Texas
Rainbow Guts: June 1 vs. Cincinnati,  June 22 vs. Cleveland
Rainbow Racing Stripes: July 6 vs. Milwaukee, July 27 vs. Pittsburgh
Navy and Gold: August 10 vs. Milwaukee, August 17 vs. Arizona, August 31 vs. Cincinnati

ATHLETICS – On July 8, the A’s will be throwing back to the Oakland Oaks of the PCL, when hosting the Seattle Mariners. I’m assuming, although I haven’t found confirmation, the Mariners will be wearing throwbacks as well.

BLUE JAYS – On July 1…

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