Why are the Sharks going with their black third jerseys in the playoffs again?

Last year for the first time in their history, the Sharks decided to wear their third jerseys for the entire playoffs. By rule, the team couldn’t flip flop between the thirds and primaries throughout the playoffs. So Team Teal was black at home.

San Jose has decided to wear their thirds again this year and I think it’s a mistake. Last year I think they wore it just to get off some bad mojo. But since it didn’t work, the Sharks need to go back to wearing teal.

As the only team in the league to wear teal, why not go with the look they are most recognized for? I don’t know if it’s for merchandise sales or not, but I  believe that in the playoffs, a team shouldn’t wear their alternates. Keep the alternates for the regular season.

A part of me feels that if the Sharks end up winning the Stanley Cup, I would like for them to celebrate with their primaries instead of an alternate. But if this is a uniform superstition, I won’t argue it. It worked for the San Francisco 49ers in 1994 and so if the Sharks win a Cup wearing it, I won’t complain.

The Sharks will play in St. Louis tonight for Game 1 and I am a little glad they are the lower seed. Less pressure and maybe that will get them over the hump. Of course, this team is not as good as the ones from years past but hey, who doesn’t like to see upsets in the playoffs?

4 thoughts on “Why are the Sharks going with their black third jerseys in the playoffs again?

  1. I totally agree about how teams should only wear their regular primary jerseys in the playoff, im a canucks fan but in terms of the sharks i love there home unis and wished they wore them for the playoffs this year

  2. Part of the reason they could be wearing them is they feel they’re look more intimidating in them. That may work vs Los Angeles, but the majority of the Blues players are bigger and more physical than the Sharks. So Not sure it will work.

    Another reason is apparently they went 20-30% better in their black thirds. 12-2 I believe. While only going 14?-10?-? or something in the teal. Maybe they are more confident in them.

    Another theory is it’s a pretty wide known fact that a lot of fans don’t like the orange in the logo. A couple years ago the organization and sponsor for one of the games handed out orange rally towels – that was a mistake. So I’m not really sure why the team’s brass the burnt orange color the secondary. That’s right the media guide says it’s Deep Pacific Teal, Burnt Orange, Black and White. The days of Teal, Black and Silver seem only a memory now. Personally, while I’m pretty sure I’ve seen better women’s softball uniforms than the Sharks teal primary jerseys (which is the only reason I prefer the black thirds right now), I think if they don’t like the design well enough to wear during the playoffs it’s time to get a new home/away set. The logo can stay the same, but I recommend returning to Teal, Black, and a metallic silver or sheen gray. The Sharks prior to the rebrand had one of the best uniforms in the league, with the oval or rounded shoulder striping.

    But hey as long as the Sharks win the stanley cup this year,I don’t really care what they wear.

    Secondly why is the rule in place? If the league wants to be that strict about it, they shouldn’t even give teams a choice. But like I said, the teal uniforms don’t do it for me at this time, but it is a bit hard to be “Team Teal” wearing black. Then again some think the Sharks are migrating towards the black thirds to become the primary home, creating a similar design for the away and make teal the alternate. That would make 4 teams out of five that wear black primary jerseys at home. Phoenix wears red at home, other than that – Anaheim, Dallas, and Los Angeles all wear black. But even Phoenix has a black third jersey.

    Hope the Sharks win the cup this year, but a big game tonight. GO SHARKS!

    • I think it’s the fact that they are Team Teal, therefore should wear teal a lot more. And especially in the playoffs, it should be their identity in teal. I agree that I don’t like the orange either but you still have to go with what you have as a primary.

      And the Sharks are the ONLY team in the league that has teal as their primary. It’s unique in that sense and I don’t want them to make black their primary and start looking like every other team.

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