The Yankees and Red Sox are doing the throwback uniform deal correctly

Throwbacks done right.

Friday’s game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will be beautiful sight for baseball uniform geeks like me. Both teams will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of their first ever meeting at Fenway Park.

As you can see from the above photo, both teams will be wearing throwback jerseys from that year in 1912. (I don’t know why the promotional image used for the Yankees/Highlanders jersey is white when the jerseys they will be wearing are gray.)

But the idea of throwbacks have gotten a made craze over the past decade or so and sometimes, if done right, it can be an amazing experience.

Of course, we all understand that part of the reason why we have seen so many throwback jerseys being worn by numerous teams from different sports in the past is simply to appease the merchandise sales.

Even with this throwback game, I hear the caps will be on sale to the public. Realistically, would you want to pay $35 for a plain white cap like the one the Red Sox will be wearing? It’s a bad deal but somebody’s going to buy it. I am pretty sure somebody bought these caps.

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