What’s more important: High school prom or playoff hockey game?

Well done, kids. You made the right choice.

It is a true bummer that the San Jose Sharks have once again disappointed the city with an exit from the playoffs. In fact, this is the earliest the team has ever exited the playoffs in their history.

But from this sadness comes this really cool story. Per BJ Rains on Twitter, two high schoolers had a decision to make. Do they attend their high school prom or go watch the St. Louis Blues in Game 5?

Obviously, the kids made the right choice. I never really cared much for my high school prom. Yes it was an important experience to have but looking back at it, it wasn’t necessary. So I applaud these kids for making the right choice. But not only that, they went to the game all nice and dressed up. That is very cool.

So out of this, there was one cool story for me. And to the guy in the photo, hold on to her. She’s a keeper!