Looking back at the first NFL Draft I actually followed

The NFL Draft is here today and for people like me, I have mixed emotions about it. There’s an excitement about new prospects joining the team. But at the same time, as a writer, it’s a very stressful time to get all the information about all the new players out there for everybody.

But still, the draft is exciting. When I first started covering the 49ers, I did it for the now defunct MVN.com. I was just a junior at San Jose State but it was a real nice opportunity for me to just watch the draft at home (the first time I’ve ever done that) and see what the 49ers would do.

What really sucked for me at the time was that I had a part time job on weekends so I knew that I would miss the first day of the draft. (Back then, the draft started on a Saturday). But it still was the first draft I really paid attention to and that 2007 class means a whole lot to me because I watched like a madman the following day.

I remember finding out about Patrick Willis and how excited I was for the team. I actually thought the 49ers would draft Adam Carriker and I am glad that I was wrong.

This 2007 class may be one of the team’s best draft classes ever. You have to give credit to Mike Nolan and Scot McCloughan for making some really great picks.

  • Patrick Willis — Been to Pro Bowl every year he’s been in the league. One of the best in the business.
  • Joe Staley — Been starter since day one and just made first Pro Bowl.
  • Ray McDonald — Has emerged as a very solid starter on defensive line.
  • Dashon Goldson — Talented safety coming off first Pro Bowl selection.
  • Tarell Brown — Starting cornerback and is starting find niche on defense.

That’s five players from this draft that are now starters for the team and three of them made the Pro Bowl this past year. That’s pretty impressive.

This draft class was something special to me. It was the first time I dedicated my writing career to cover the 49ers and I am very glad that the class still feature a lot of talented players still making big impacts on the team.

Now today I will be covering my sixth draft and I’m excited. There’s a lot of hope and uncertainty that comes with it but maybe fives years down the line I can look back and have the same feeling I have toward that 2007 class.

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