What’s it like covering the draft from 49ers headquarters? A look back at Thursday’s action

Home of the 49ers in two years.

With the construction of the new stadium, the 49ers team headquarters is also going through a change. One of the changes that affect the media is the relocation of the media trailer. Having to find a way through the facility around construction, the media trailer was moved to about 20 yards from the original spot. But as you can see from the view, it’s pretty nice as we can look out at the new home of the 49ers.

Covering the draft has always been a very interesting time. It’s when site traffic and attention is at an all time high during the NFL calendar year. Mostly all the local media outlets are stationed at team headquarters ready to talk with the new pick, head coach and general manager.

This year was no different from other years. The media gathers in the trailer and just watches the NFL Network like everybody else. But our focus also goes on our computer screens and once the pick is in, we’re scrambling to get the information out and find as much scouting on the newest player.

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