Rich Eisen goes bananas over Jaguars’ selection of punter Bryan Anger

As some of you know, the Jacksonville Jaguars are my secondary favorite team so I do pay attention to their games and cheer them on along with the 49ers. But since I was covering the 49ers this weekend, I did not get a chance to see the above linked miraculous clip of Rich Eisen losing his mind.

I don’t know if reaching for a punter that high was a good idea but having seen Andy Lee, I cannot devalue a punter. For a Jaguars offense that was ranked last in 2011, field position is so key to their offense. And with the 6th best defense, it makes sense to get a punter. After Matt Turk struggled last year, the Jaguars knew that they had to find some kind of long-term replacement for Adam Podlesh.

Getting the best punter available that high shows that the team is serious about getting a potential Pro Bowler (or whatever you call them now) for the future. This isn’t a bad move really. Punters have great value to any team that’s struggling.

Cheers to you Rich Eisen for loving the punters!