I am excited to see Brandon Inge play third base for the A’s

So the carousel at third base welcomes another player as Brandon Inge is set to play third for the A’s tonight. I for one am excited to see an established third baseman at the position. After Chavez’s departure, the A’s just have had no answers at the position.

Inge provides veteran leadership and an occasional pop in the bat. He’s not going to be the player he was years ago but he’s clearly an upgrade over what the A’s have been using all season long.

In part, I kind of wish that Chavez would be back with the A’s. If not anything, just for a ceremonial retirement. I was ready to see him go two years ago but now it looks like he’s doing well in New York and the A’s haven’t been able to find his replacement.

But here’s to Inge and a hope for something better for the A’s. The offense needs a jolt and maybe Inge can help out somewhere in that search for a spark.

Brandon Inge got tattoos of his sons' names (Tyler, Chase) while on a road trip against the A's.