The 1936 throwback uniforms the Athletics and Red Sox wore were simply beautiful

Looking good there, guys!

Last night, the A’s and Red Sox wore 1936 throwback uniforms as part of their celebration of Fenway Park’s 100th birthday. Also, in 1936,┬áthe A’s – then in Philadelphia – sold Jimmie Foxx to the Red Sox. His daughter, Nanci Foxx Canaday, was at the game.

The history of baseball is beautiful and doing something like this was amazing. As you can see by this original picture, both teams got the uniforms accurate for the most part.

I like both caps, but the A’s one is particularly nice. Since they don’t wear navy anymore, it’s cool to see something from their Philadelphia days. I have a Philadelphia throwback jersey and this cap would match it real well. And the jersey, I want to buy it too!

I just can’t wait for July 8 (my birthday) for this throwback.