Is Mariano Rivera’s career over after tearing his ACL?

Mariano Rivera injured his knee during BP yesterday and its reported that its an ACL tear. An injury like that could take about a year to recover from and with his age, this might be the last time we see Mariano Rivera.

I am no way a Yankee fan but I am one of Rivera’s biggest fans. Watching him for all these years, especially in the playoffs, just makes me appreciate how great of a pitcher he is. When the Yanks come to Oakland, I partially just want to see him come into the game (even though it meant the A’s were losing) just because I want to have that privilege to see him.

When I went to the old Yankee Stadium for two games, I was so bummed that the Yanks lost both those games and I never got to hear “Enter Sandman”. I wanted to see the greatest of all time.

If this is the end of Rivera’s career, then I tip my hat to a fine career. I hope it isn’t but I’ll just cross my fingers and pray for the best.