Rutgers Gets New Uniforms for 2012

The knight in armor idea to me is uniquely done and I think it’s done very well. Although I wouldn’t give the team three helmets, overall execution on a first of its kind design is done very well.

The Asylum Collective

Rutgers released their new uniforms a couple of days ago, to extremely mixed reviews:


Personally, I find the “scarred” knight armor (shoulders/helmet) look to be pretty unique, and a cool way to reflect the mascot. The helmet itself is a thing of beauty, and it almost makes me wish Nike would’ve thought of something like this for Michigan State’s Pro Combats last year. I do think that 3 helmets for 3 uniforms is a bit much, though, especially considering that they’re not really all that different. Stick with the red facemask/stripe helmet, and that’s all they’d need. The font leaves a little to be desired, but overall, this is a pretty good look for Rutgers heading in to 2012.

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