Uniforms for Cinco de Mayo done right and wrong

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I am actually OK with teams adding a Spanish flavor to their jerseys for certain occasions. In fact, I encourage it. But if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right.

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the San Francisco Giants (see slideshow above) show us how to do it right. They have the correct translation and since they’ve done this before, they know how to do it

The Houston Astros on the other hand, just added “Los” to the jersey. I don’t know what the translation of Astros in Spanish would be, but they have to have at least made a better effort.

** And on a side note, I think the Marlins wore their road gray jerseys for only the third time all year last night. I think it’s their best look. The white lettering across the chest really brings out the colors.