10 years ago today, Allen Iverson complained about pracitce

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the one of the greatest press conference rants ever. Allen Iverson complains about the over-emphasis on practice. At the time, Larry Brown his coach wanted all his players to get to practice. Iverson, the team’s star player, felt that he gave his all during games and the fact that his missed practice was a big deal didn’t sit well with him.

It’s like the coach didn’t believe he would give it his all during the game — the playoff game.

I rank this as one of the top rants of all time. It’s one of those situations where a player understands his role but still wants to go by his own rules. Along with Jim Mora’s “Playoffs” rant, this one just takes the cake for something memorable, comical and ultimately, a great moment in sports history.

So remember kids. You either practice or complain about it. That’s how A.I. did it.