Remembering 5 years ago: The We Believe Warriors

It’s NBA Playoffs time and it’s still a bummer that the Golden State Warriors aren’t in it and are not even close to becoming any type of playoff team. But every time the playoffs rolls around, I remember the last time the Warriors made the playoffs. I remember that “We Believe” team five years ago and being part of that magical crowd.

I grew up a Warriors fans ever since I learned to pick up a basketball. Since basketball ended up being my first love, it still holds a special place in my heart. And since the Warriors were the local team, they became the team I followed.

Naturally, like many other Warriors fans, it sucked to see the team struggle every year. But during the 2006-07 season, it became magic for us fans. The crazy run and gun offense of the Warriors led by Don Nelson gave the fans something to cheer about again. And when the team made the playoffs, we were ready to rock the house.

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