Washington Redskins Reveal New Alternate Uniform

I don’t know about these. They are simple, which is nice, but I just don’t feel inspired by them. Something about it just makes it feel oh so boring.

The Asylum Collective

The Redskins revealed a new alternate today. They are centered around the Sammy Baugh era, with the helmet finish designed to replicate the leather helmets worn in the past. Some lower-quality photos from the reveal event:

(Via Redskins.com)

And the Nike promotional photos, as well (click for high resolution):

Looks like the lighting at the reveal is making these look very different from the Nike photoshops (pretty standard). We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what they look like on the field instead of screen captures, photoshops, and cell phone photos.

Update: Thanks to HGI, we’ve got some sweet close up pictures of the helmet:

Solid work, as always, HGI. Beautiful helmet. Makes me wonder if the Packers will adopt something like this for their throwbacks…

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Stars and Stripes MLB caps are camouflage but it’s all the same, right?

Stars and stripes and camo, according MLB, is the same thing…

MLB has been doing this “Stars & Stripes” deal with their caps for the past several years. For Independence Day, Veterans Day and even 9/11, teams wore red, white and blue versions of their caps.


For the most part, I didn’t like them. They forced teams to wear colors that don’t match their uniform and they eschewed the aesthetics of it. Why couldn’t they just do this like they did before?

So instead of adding the American colors, they decide to go camo thinking it’s the same thing. It’s not.

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