Would I be OK with the Warriors moving to San Francisco?

Do we have the return of the Warriors to San Francisco?

If you haven’t heard yet, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is courting the Warriors and trying to convince them to move to San Francisco. Here’s the article.

I don’t know the logistics of moving a franchise but I do know that I have mixed feelings about the potential move.

Being an East Bay native, I have always had the Warriors as a team that’s part of Oakland. The Oracle Arena is a nice place and it’s rocking nearly every night for this team.

Having them move to San Francisco would at least change the convenience for me. (Yes, even though I’ve moved away from the Bay, I still call it home.)

Driving to the Coliseum/Oracle area is great because I have great parking spots which I never have to pay for. Also, I can take BART to the game. It’s all right there for me, all convenient.

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