Recapping my first ever trip to Angel Stadium and to cheer on my A’s

Representing my team to the fullest!

On Tuesday I went to Angel Stadium for the first time ever. And since the A’s were in town, it was a perfect opportunity for me to go and see my team. I made sure that the people there knew who I was representing. In fact, there were actually a good handful of A’s fans there giving me props for being in all green.

When I got there, I was pretty amazed at the size of the big caps in the entrance. When I walked in, it wasn’t too busy and I expected it since the game started at 4:05PM. But looking around, they had a nice little shop for memorabilia and even had a Simpsons portrait too (great episode).

They had a display case of their greatest achievements, including an entire wall dedicated to their 2002 World Series win.

The stadium itself is kind of small and it gave me a feel of a minor league park. It didn’t feel like a big league park with its design and the fact that it was half empty didn’t help. They said over 31,000 fans were in attendance but I don’t think a third of those came to the game.

I sat at the left field bleachers and it was a pretty good seat. I got a chance to watch the bullpen and get a pretty good view of the field.

When on my way to get some food, I was bumped into by an Angels fan. She apologized but then immediately rescinded it when she saw me in my A’s gear. “Nevermind, you’re an A’s fan!” she said.

One thing I was curious about was their Cali Dog, which had two features. You can either order a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla fried with either chili and cheese or with pica de gallo and avocado sauce. I chose the latter and it was quite something. Not worth the $7 I paid.

The A’s lost but I’m OK. It was still a good experience. I wouldn’t say that this stadium impressed me at all. The fans weren’t really into it and it seemed kind of small. Maybe these people just don’t care about baseball in Orange County.

But I know when the A’s come back to town in September, I’m going to be there.

Watch out, Mickey! I’ll be back for ya!


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