After a day to simmer, my thoughts on Brett Lawrie’s beef with Bill Miller

After a day to think about it and to hear some sides of the argument, I have come to the conclusion that I am behind Brett Lawrie on this incident 100-percent.

When Lawrie went to first base on what he first thought was ball four, Miller called strike two. Umpires don’t like it when players trot to first base before a call was made. So I think maybe Miller then started to conjure up his own vendetta against Lawrie.

Lawrie was wrong on that part but that doesn’t mean Miller has the right to make it personal. On the next pitch, which was clearly ball four, Miller called Lawrie out looking.

So if I’m Lawrie, I would be thinking that this umpire was against me. How in the world would that be strike three when it’s clearly high? It only makes sense if the umpire had some agenda.

The reaction from Lawrie is exactly how I would have reacted. The yelling was warranted. Throwing down the helmet in frustration is OK with me too. The fact that the helmet hit the umpire was not intentional so I won’t make a deal out of that.

There needs to be accountability made for umpires that make these bad calls are seem to have these personal issues with players. At the same time, players also need to find a way to not react a certain way towards the umpires.

But if an umpire is making bad calls on purpose, I’d react the same way like Lawrie did. It shouldn’t have been that way but I don’t know how else I would have reacted.

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