Battle of the Bay tonight and I wish I was there to see my A’s take on the Giants

Always a big event in the Bay Area.

This is one of the things about the Bay Area I am going to miss the most: The Battle of the Bay.

As a diehard A’s fan, one of the things I look forward to every year is the annual battle between the A’s and Giants. And in recent years since the Giants won the World Series, I’ve gotten a lot more annoyed with the Giants and this year I really want to see my A’s beat them.

I remember last year going to the game in AT&T Park and it was just hard to see the incompetent Bob Geren run the show. But when the A’s had their games at the Coliseum, it was pure joy seeing the A’s do the sweeping.

This weekend’s matchup is something that will give us a chance to see what these two teams are all about. Both teams have significant injuries but for the A’s, they are finding ways to win. The Giants are not and right now, the A’s are the best team in the Bay.

I’m also very concerned about the future home of the A’s and am pretty made at the Giants for not helping the cause by returning the South Bay to the A’s. Add that with the bandwagon fans I’ve dealt with since 2010 and the idiot of a general manager that openly spews hate, I honestly just can’t stand the Giants. I used to not care, but now they’ve just gotten to the point where they need to stop.

It’s just the fan in me. I love my A’s too much and this opportunity for bragging rights is exactly what I miss. I hope the A’s sweep up the Giants and keep on rolling. Go A’s!

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