Pitchers Attempting to Hit – Top 5

This is why I am all for the designated hitter. Can’t stand it when pitchers waste time and at-bats by looking foolish at the plate.


With the first series of interleague play wrapping up this weekend, it is fun to look at the complete ineptitude of hitting by MLB pitchers. American League pitchers at least have an excuse, only having to hit for a few games in a season. NL pitchers have no excuse to be excruciatingly bad, but they do provide for excellent entertainment. This is not a list of the actual worst hitting pitchers in baseball, just a compilation of the more entertaining videos of swings, full ABs, or anything to do with pitchers attempting to make any sort of contact.


5. A.J. Burnett IN THE FACE


After being traded from the Yankees to the Pirates, A.J. Burnett fractured his orbital socket bone eye thing while trying to bunt. The collective oooh is bad enough, but there are a few other strange things. Why is there just a line of players…

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Dilemma: Which cap should I buy? Do I just get both?

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As some of you may remember, MLB is releasing their “Stars & Stripes” caps for this year.

I am not a big fan of these kind of promotions but I still feel that it was a great opportunity for design for the A’s caps. Since the camo is similar to green, it would fit well with the A’s color design.

Now with the designs now released to the public, I now have a chance to see the A’s road version of it. To my knowledge, these S&S caps will be worn on Memorial Day (May 28) and Independence Day (July 4) and possibly September 11.

The A’s are on the road for two of those games with ID4 being a home game. That means the A’s will wear both caps this year. Now I kind of want to have both since both will see the field.

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