Warriors send letter to fans about decision to move to San Francisco

The header to the letter that was sent to me from the Warriors.

The Warriors just sent me (and all fans) a letter about their move to San Francisco. I have expressed in the past that I am against this move.

Here is the entire letter verbatim.

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We’re going to see a lot more @Twitter at our favorite sporting events

#Hashtag touchdown!

It’s gotten to the point where I expect to see some form of Twitter whenever I watch sports. Whether it’s someone’s handle appearing with their name or #hashtags on the field, it’s starting to evolve into our sports mind.

But as the growth of Twitter continues to sky rocket, players and fans are wondering how they can incorporate Twitter into every aspect of the game.

Twitter has become a great tool to get closer to teams and athletes. It allows the average fan to really be more interactive. I am not against Twitter at all. But sometimes, Twitter can also turn some athletes into selfish brats.

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