Warriors send letter to fans about decision to move to San Francisco

The header to the letter that was sent to me from the Warriors.

The Warriors just sent me (and all fans) a letter about their move to San Francisco. I have expressed in the past that I am against this move.

Here is the entire letter verbatim.

Dear Samuel,

Earlier today, it was announced that a mutual commitment has been reached between the Warriors and the City of San Francisco to build a new arena on San Francisco Bay by 2017.  We can now move forward with our plans to build a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility that will provide a world-class sports and entertainment experience for our fans and the Greater Bay Area community.

The arena site is located at Piers 30-32 on the Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco.  The area is extremely transit-friendly and in close proximity to the Bay Bridge, two BART stops, Muni and easy walking distance to the financial district in downtown San Francisco.  The new arena will provide a hub of activity coupled with spectacular vistas of the downtown area and surrounding Bay.  Our goal is to tip off the 2017-18 season in our new home, and while we are still very early in the design stages, the arena will be built as a basketball-first venue with the intent of providing one of the best fan experiences in all of professional sports.

As a loyal Warriors fan, we know you likely have questions about the new arena.  Although many of the details are still being determined, we invite you to visit warriors.com/sf to view updates, news and answers to frequently asked questions which will be updated throughout the development process.

We value your loyalty and commitment, and look forward to your continued support in the years to come.


Joe Lacob and Peter Guber


It’s one of those things where I felt like I had no voice in expressing my opinions. I’ve been a fan of this team since I learned how to shoot a basketball as a kid. And now they take my team away?

As a fan, I feel that the Warriors, even though they are remaining in the Bay Area, will no longer be Bay Area’s team. I grew up in the East Bay and I’ve always been given the impression, treatment from San Francisco sports fans that Oakland doesn’t exist. Those fans believe that San Francisco is the only city in the Bay Area and every other city is inferior.

(I am not talking about all fans, but it’s a feeling that I get from many.)

I get that from Giants fans. I get that from 49ers fans. They always make fun of Oakland because they’re not like San Francisco. I hate that.

So with the Warriors moving to San Francisco, that’s what the team will become. They will become a product of San Francisco. The Warriors won’t be Bay Area’s team. They will turn into the San Francisco Warriors. Even though their name won’t change, their image will.

San Francisco people who have loathed the Warriors because they were only 10 miles away in an “inferior” city now will be Warriors fans. The hoopla around the Warriors will disgust me because I just feel that this will just add smog to the mindset of these fans.

And what hurts the most is that the city of Oakland is struggling and these San Francisco fans will laugh at it. Why? Because they are full of themselves and hate Oakland for no reason.

Oakland could lose the A’s and Raiders and that will not only hurt the city, but hurt the Bay Area economy. This move makes it harder for me as an Oakland native to take in. The commute to the new arena will be tougher and the team will eventually adapt the image of San Francisco, not the Bay Area.

Maybe I’m just overreacting as an East Bay native and a Warriors fan. But maybe this is a harsh reality that will eventually come to life in five years. Even though the team isn’t leaving the Bay, I feel like I’m losing the team’s identity.

One thought on “Warriors send letter to fans about decision to move to San Francisco

  1. If you go to Warriorsworld, if you mention the Kings to Oakland, you get a bunch of responses like they will never go to Oakland or Oakland needs a minor league team.

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