One year after Buster Posey’s injury: What have we learned?

A year ago on this date, Buster Posey was injured on a collision at the plate with Scott Cousins (see above video). The injury cost Posey the rest of the season and to this day, the team is very careful about overworking Posey too much back into baseball shape.

The aftermath of that injury was not a pretty sight. As for me, a non-Giants fan, I didn’t have a connection with the team so I didn’t feel enraged over the injury. From a baseball fan’s perspective, I just saw it as an unfortunate injury and nothing more than that.

But instead I had never heard a bigger amount of whining and complaining from an organization in my life. Somehow because Posey (the golden child) got hurt, the game of baseball should change just for him. I thought that the Giants handled it poorly.

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We need Adam Morrison back

Just sign him because of his hair.

A couple days ago the Nets held a tryout and Adam Morrison was part of the crew of players there. After some time away from the NBA playing overseas, the former third overall pick showed up hoping to get one more chance at the NBA.

Some team has to sign him. The benches haven’t been the same without him. And most importantly, his new hair, goatee or whatever he’s trying to look like is a much needed facelift the NBA needs.

We need Adam Morrison back in our NBA lives.