Memorial Day gave a few MLB teams the opportunity to go throwback

Yesterday was Memorial Day and part of MLB’s new promotion, every team wore their new Stars & Stripes caps. These caps took the team’s current caps and added a camouflage touch to it. I think they’re OK but since all proceeds of sales of these caps go to charities helping war veterans, I’m totally fine with it.

Basically for these caps, it’s not a major change to the design unlike caps of the previous years.

But one unique thing about these caps is that since the camouflage design is only logo-based, teams with multiple caps had all their caps re-designed. For example, teams like the Indians have four different caps, meaning all four got the camouflage treatment.

And for some teams, that gave them an opportunity to go a little throwback with their caps on Monday.

Entering every season, teams have to submit their uniform style guide to the league. For some teams, they will keep a certain cap or jersey in their team’s style guide even though they haven’t worn it in some time or have no plans of wearing them. Three teams decided to take the camouflage version of caps they haven’t worn in years and don them on Monday.

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For me, it was really refreshing to see these old lids on the baseball fields. And what saddens me is that it is very likely that these caps might never be worn again.

I personally love the Rockies’ purple caps and when they last wore it in 2004, it was on the road. I think these would look fantastic with the current road uniforms and possibly with the purple tops.

** The Rockies were part of a doubleheader but in their second game, they reverted back to their all black caps despite wearing their purple jerseys.

The Twins’ “M” cap might suit their home whites the best. They can reserve that for the home whites, have the all navy “TC” cap for the throwbacks.

The Reds’ all black cap is one I don’t like. During the time when the team was emphasizing black, this cap worked. But now with the team focusing more on red, I just don’t see a place for it.

As for the Pirates going alternate with their caps, I’m OK with it. But I still think it should remain only with their alternate jerseys.


So I wonder. Is this a sign of these teams embracing these throwback caps and putting them into their rotation? Or is this just a one-time deal and I should just savor this moment?

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