What are the 5 songs you hear at arenas/stadiums all the time?

A long time ago I read up on this article about Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and how that one song found its way into the sports world.

I love going to sporting events but there are some songs that just stick out to me as “must haves” at any sporting events. It could be because the sound of it pumps up the crowd. It could be that the song itself is associated with a great moment in sports. Or maybe it just has no explanation.

Here are my Top 5 favorite songs that I love hearing at sporting events.

1: Queen – We Will Rock You

The song itself has everything that you love in a sports anthem. It’s short, easy to sing along and the beat itself can be reproduced by nearly anyone. I can’t imagine any arena not pumping this song to get the crowd, the players excited. Plus the guitar solo by Brian May is so good.

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