It was great to see Jarrod Parker flirt with the no-hitter

The moment right before the no-hitter was broken.

I always watch the A’s games whenever I can. Especially now since I moved out of the Bay and don’t have cable, MLB.TV is my only outlet to live TV on my computer. So I was tuned into last night’s game. With the Rangers in town, I was hoping the A’s would find their groove.

The team did find their groove. Offensively, they exploded and scored 12 times. But the storyline was Jarrod Parker. After six innings, I noticed he had not surrendered a hit. This was the Rangers! The toughest offense in the majors. Then into the seventh, I was nervous. I was studying the pitch count. But I was hoping that he would get it.

Parker was magnificent and I thought he had a real chance at getting it. Unfortunately, he would give up a single to Michael Young and the no-hit bid ended. But he did go eight strong innings giving up that one hit.

To me, that potential moment was magical and it made me long for the Coliseum. I miss home. This moment brought me back home despite the fact I was so far from it.

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