We have just witnessed the birth of a dynasty in the NBA

Dynasty in the making?

After watching the Oklahoma City Thunder win the game last night to punch their ticket to the NBA Finals, it occurred to me that this team will be a dynasty. I realized that right now, if they can keep this core of players together, they can win not one, not two, not three — you get my point.

Think about it. The team’s average age is around 25 years old. They have a deep bench, solid role players and emerging young talent. The rest of the West right now seems to be declining with age and injuries. The Thunder is going in the opposite direction.

What they have right now is a blueprint for success. They took down the mighty Spurs in what I thought wouldn’t happen. And I say the Thunder are the favorite to win it all this year. Unlike the Heat, this team has a Big Three that fit well together.

The only other team that I can think that has this kind of dynasty potential are the Bulls. But with the injury to Derrick Rose, it might have to hold on for a while. But right now, the Thunder are now the the cream of the crop.

Curious to see how the Fosse-Hatteberg situation unfolds


So the news right now is that Scott Hatteberg will fill in for 20 games for the remainder of the regular season to do some broadcast work. In the process, Ray Fosse will step away for those 20 games.

From what I can imagine with Fosse’s lack of comments is that he’s unhappy. Well, if someone comes in and takes over your job, you’d be unhappy too. But it’s an interesting change of pace.

I enjoy Fosse’s work and even though he is a homer, he’s intelligent and his experience as a player always complements Glen Kuiper’s work too. But I am interested in seeing what Hatteberg has in store and see how he relates to the younger audience.

I hope to be able to catch some of these games and see what direction this will lead to.