This is why I don’t like LeBron James

The man people love to hate.

I had a conversation with a co-worker yesterday and the topic of LeBron James came up and he was wondering why James is the most ridiculed man in the NBA. I tried to come up with reasons such as the clutch factor, the way he left the Cavaliers and all that but we defined the question: Do you not like LeBron the basketball player or the person?

That made me think for a bit and it made me realize that my dislike (not to be confused with hate) for LeBron James had nothing to do with what he did on the basketball floor. It all had to do with what he has done off the court.

When James broke into the league, I wanted to see him win with the Cavs. It was a good storyline: hometown kid leads his hometown team to a title. But when he kept failing, that’s when it changed for me in perception of him.

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