The Mariners’ combined no-hitter last night should be appreciated

Last night, six Mariners pitchers combined to no-hit the Dodgers. It was the 10th combined no-hitter in big league history.

Some people have said that it’s not as exciting or worthy of a no-hitter thrown by one pitcher. I disagree.

Even though there are fewer combined no-hitters, it’s still a tough task. Putting in relievers to try to finish a job is tough. And you could say because there were different relievers, it made hitting for the Dodgers harder. But I still believe that it is tougher on the relievers because they all knew that they had to be near perfect to achieve it.

Regardless, celebrate a great achievement no matter how it’s done. Plus, the Mariners were in teal which made visually pleasing.

A year ago this week: Remembering the good times at Camp Alex

The best view of the field during practice.

A year ago this week at San Jose State, around 20 or so 49ers players gathered at the school’s football field for some voluntary workouts. Led by quarterback Alex Smith, the event was called Camp Alex. The players would meet again two weeks later for another week-long workout.

Camp Alex ended up being the beginning of the transformation of the San Francisco 49ers.

I didn’t attend the first week but I was there for the second week of practices. It was nice returning to my alma mater and being part of something so unique.

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