Anyone interested in doing a guest column for the blog?

When I started to get into writing, it was tough for me to establish myself because I didn’t have an outlet to show off my writing. Fortunately over the years the 49ers blog I started at MVN ended up into an eventual new gig with

I think that for those people that have no outlet to write, it’s tough to really get that foot in the door. I am opening up my blog for anyone interested in finding an outlet to write sports.

I am not saying that my blog will get a great amount of exposure like Bleacher Report, but it’s a chance for anyone interested to get their feet wet.

If you’re thinking about it or need more info, hit me up:

– Sam

Just picked up the best bobblehead giveaway this year

I didn’t go to the game yesterday to get it, but a friend who did go to the game bought it off someone for $10. These are going for about $50 on eBay right now. Sweet!

This slide to me is one of the moments that helped me become a baseball fan. I didn’t even see it live when I was a kid but thanks to all those highlight reels, it’s embedded in me.

And what makes this so cool is that it’s really three bobbleheads. I have never seen a bobblehead giveaway done so well, but here we are. It’s pretty sweet I must say. I should get it in the mail at the end of the week. Can’t wait!

What a cool bobblehead.