Happy birthday Joe Montana

Happy birthday Joe Montana!

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Joe who?  Many pundits consider Joe Montana the greatest quarterback of All-Time.  The argument isn’t based on stats, after all.  In 2011 ten quarterbacks threw for over 4,000 yards, including rookie Cam Newton.  Do you know how many seasons Joe Montana threw for over 4,000 yards in his career?  Zero.  Zilch.  Nil.  Drew Brees is working on six straight years of 4,000+, with two of them over 5,000.  Think the game has changed a little?  But Montana has a collection of things that are much harder to match: four Super Bowl rings.

NFL Films celebrates his 56th birthday with a look back a a game that paved the way to Montana’s first Super Bowl ring, the 1981 NFC Championship game, as originally presented on “America’s Game: The 1981 49ers”:

[nfl-video contentid=”09000d5d829bb9a1″]

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When it comes to sports, I only really care about team sports

Team sports is what I’m all about.

I have friends who love tennis. I have more friends who are into golf. When they ask me why I don’t care about these sports, I tell them that I just don’t care for individual sports.

Don’t get me wrong. It takes a lot of skill to be an athlete in those sports. It’s not that I don’t appreciate that, but for me, sports has always been about the team.

Growing up, all the sports I played were team sports. Basketball, football, softball — all of it were team sports. I think for me the enjoyment of achieving a goal together is what makes me enjoy team sports. It’s just so much more fun to watch and play when a bunch of individuals come together to be one.

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