That Matt Cain perfect game was the stuff of legends

Matt Cain delivers the final pitch of the evening to complete the perfect game.

I tuned into last night’s perfect game at around the sixth inning. I knew what was at stake but since I didn’t watch the first five innings, I didn’t realize how filthy Matt Cain was that night.

Even though the Houston Astros are a pretty bad team, I couldn’t help but appreciate the skill it took for Cain to throw 14 strikeouts. More importantly, the movement he had in his pitches was simply the stuff of legends.

I don’t know if this is the most dominant pitching performance in the history of the game, but it’s pretty high up there. And for that, I applaud Cain for a job well done.

The Dream Team documentary was a trip through a memory I never had

This was the Dream Team I knew about.

When the Dream Team assembled, I was only six years old. I had just learned how to shoot a basketball and I didn’t know much about what was going on about the team. The only thing I knew about the Dream Team was this poster puzzle my mom bought me.

And for the longest time, I only thought there were 10 guys on the team. But as I grew older and became a huge sports nut, I realized how great this team was. In my mind, this may have been the greatest team ever assembled other than these guys.

Chris Mullin was my favorite player so I was very proud to know that one of my favorites was part of something so big. And after watching the documentary last night, I was moved. The story of how they united as one and what they did to the game of basketball changed my perception of them. I was floored.

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