Did the “Moneyball” idea exist? Mark Mulder chimes in

During an ESPN broadcast, former A’s pitching star Mark Mulder spoke about the concept of “Moneyball”.

“There was no talk of ‘Moneyball’ when I was there,” Mulder said. “You never heard anything like that.”

Maybe it’s because Mulder was a pitcher so the concept didn’t really apply to him. It was a philosophy that Beane used to get better hitters on the team. But then again, maybe Mulder didn’t really see any kind of “Moneyball” talk and it’s all just an idea, but never really a philosophy.

“It was just a thought that Billy (Beane) did a great job with what we had,” Mulder added.

It’s been debated about the idea of “Moneyball” and so forth but all I can really say is that whatever you want to call it, that 2002 A’s team was something special.


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