2Pac’s birthday reminds me of one of my favorite basketball movies

Great movie.

Today is 2Pac’s birthday and I am a huge fan of his work. Not only was he a great rapper, but he also loved sports. In fact, one of my favorite basketball movies featured 2Pac in a lead role. (Plus, the soundtrack is so good!)

The movie “Above the Rim” is a story about fighting the bad environment of the ghettos and trying to get out of it through basketball. It didn’t really feature tremendous basketball highlights or anything, but it told the truth of how some people in the ghetto see basketball as a way out. It was their key to a better life. (Check out the movie above — it’s Rated-R.)

With Bernie Mac and Marlon Wayans, it’s a strong cast with a great storyline. I wonder if this is on Netflix. I might need to watch it again.

And since it’s 2Pac’s birthday, here’s one of my favorite songs (and one of his best). I’ll throw out that NSFW warning because of the lyrics.

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