These new Charlotte Bobcats uniforms are very uninspiring

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With their new altered logo, it was no surprise that the Charlotte Bobcats would get a new uniform. On Tuesday they unveiled it to the public and I feel that it could have been so much better.

Here are some thoughts on these new uniforms.

  • The jersey style template is the same as teams like the Lakers, Heat, Raptors. Unoriginal.
  • Now Orange is their third color of their uniform set. It’s two different shades of blue that’s ahead as their primary colors, which also is very unoriginal.
  • Removal of the pinstripes is fine by me, but I don’t if adding them to the side panels works well.
  • The team kept the font for their name but the numbers are similar to that of the Mavericks. In fact, their whole set reminds me of Dallas.
  • For a team that had a unique, distinct color set to their uniforms now looks like another generic basketball team. But since it’s the Bobcats, nobody will even notice that they won’t have their full team name on their home uniforms.
  • What was wrong with this? For a team that hasn’t even been around for a decade, this is their third different uniform set.