Not getting angry at LeBron James, Heat for winning the NBA title

I’m pretty sure that most of the dislike for the Miami Heat is fueled by LeBron James. And that’s a perfectly good reason. James was the ringleader of an offseason of what many fans believe seemed to be an unfair advantage to the NBA.

James had “The Decision” and that was a bad idea. Then the Heat held a celebration party when James and Chris Bosh joined with the team. Then pretty much whatever James did, it was scrutinized. He and the Heat have not been very mature recently.

I didn’t want the Heat to win for all those reasons. But I am trying to be as realistic of a basketball fan as I can and I have to give props to the Heat for what they did. (But I’ll still call them the nWo just because it’s funny to me.)

Despite my dislike, I know that what they did was not easy. Winning a title is never easy. And to be able to do it in a shortened season sure isn’t something any team prepares for.

What is more impressive is that even though there are criticisms of James’ “clutch” factor, watching him play these five games showed me that he is a real amazing talent and we are all lucky to see him perform. He showed up in these Finals.

I’m not a typical NBA fan. My favorite team are the Warriors and maybe that’s numbed me from this game.

I am not overly obsessed with the sport like I am with baseball. I try to take a step back and understand the sport for what it is. The NBA isn’t perfect and I understand that there will be a lot of instances in the game that will make me not like it.

But I am not going to get into a fit about the Heat winning. I accept it because I don’t harbor any ill will. Still as a fan, I didn’t want to see them win. But now that I have seen this playoff run come and gone, I actually look forward to the Heat and Thunder meeting again.

I want to see more of James in the playoffs to see if he can deliver on his promise to bring eight titles. I want to see Durant grow up in front of our eyes. I hope this is the beginning of something special.

Just because I didn’t want the Heat to win doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the difficulties and challenges it takes to win. Congratulations Heat on your win. It was an impressive run.

I don’t want to be that kind of a fan that just hates. I want to be the kind of fan that appreciates the game and the talent it takes to win. That’s what I just witnessed.

One thought on “Not getting angry at LeBron James, Heat for winning the NBA title

  1. I try not to hate. I’ve just had basketball let me down quite a bit over the past few years. I was disappointed at the whole LeBron affair, and I’m a Kings fan and I don’t know what I’ll do if they leave. Should I follow the Warriors (I grew up in Fairfield…so I could) or just follow the league, since I live in Australia now. Hmm… I was actively rooting against James, though. You can’t crap on Cleveland on national TV and get away with it…well, he just did.

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