Sports: Is it just a game? (Part 1)

As a sports fan and a sports writer, I have seen both sides of what sports can mean to a fan, community. I’ve seen the over the top fandom that leads people to do illogical things. But at the same time, I’ve seen how a sport can uplift a city and bring unity.

With that in mind, these past several days really showed me what exactly sports is all about. But do we get too obsessive with sports sometimes? Or do we undervalue the impact of what sports means.

This is part one of a two-part series in which I look at the sports and how we as fans are too crazy about it or how we’re not crazy enough.

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New Era unveils new fantastic on-field NFL fitted caps

So simple, so fresh.

I’ve been critical of New Era for their OK looking on-field caps that they unveiled in April. But these new ones that they have on their Facebook page is a huge upgrade.

As you scroll through the caps, you will notice that it’s very simple. Most of them are one solid color with just the team’s logo on front. Some are two-toned but they remain simple. A couple teams like the Cowboys and Bears have alternate logos, but overall, this is a really great decision by New Era.

Also, it appears that the underbrim of the caps will also be the team’s alternate color, which adds a nice flavor to it.

What do you think about these new lids? I think I might get one now. Check them all out here.

New weekday morning show kicks off July 30 on NFL Network

Great fun for all you football junkies!

NFL Communications

“NFL AM” Starts Your Weekdays at 6:00 AM ET with Namath author Mark Kriegel, former Super Bowl-winning 49ers CB Eric Davis, Brian Webber, Nicole Zaloumis & Steve Wyche  

4-Hour Live Morning Show

Fans can now start their day with the NFL like never before – with a new, live weekday morning show on NFL Network.

Debuting Monday, July 30 just as training camps open, the new four-hour “NFL AM” kicks off at 6:00 AM ET each Monday through FridayNFL AM will blanket the world of the NFL with seasoned and opinionated talent who will report and debate news and examine the personalities that play the game. The show’s discussion will cover a wide-range of NFL-related topics including the cultural convergence of sports, entertainment and music. Each morning, NFL AM will collaborate with to take a look at the latest in fantasy football news and information.

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